Event room

Our Admiral Arena Room is much more than just a large space capable of accommodating more than 500 people. It is an ideal setting for your corporate meetings or for holding social events with all the necessary facilities and resources. Choosing the perfect venue for your meetings or that special day requires the solvency of professionals who will accompany you in your project, capable of understanding what you want and how you want it.

In our Admiral Arena we are committed to success.

In addition, due to its enormous space and the quality of its facilities, Sala Admiral Arena is also an ideal place to enjoy live shows, a detailed programme of musical or sporting events, a fantastic place to enjoy the party and the magical nights of San Roque.

Check our programme, don't miss out on our incredible proposals. There is something for everyone, you just have to choose date and time. The rest is up to us.

Because in Sala Admiral Arena we think of you, we know that fun also generates emotions that you won't forget.
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