San Roque

The town has an old quarter that has been declared of monumental historical-artistic interest since 1975. Churches, palaces, bullring, picturesque streets and museums make up a wide variety of options that we recommend you visit. Its bullring dating from 1853, for example, is one of the oldest in Andalusia. Specifically, it was in its Plaza de Armas where the "Pase de Muleta" was invented in 1720.

Its most outstanding fiesta, Holy Week, on Good Friday hosts a spectacular procession in which more than fourteen different images can be seen, and in August it celebrates its Royal Fair, which ends with the release of the Toro del Aguardiente.

These are some of the essential visits:

- Santa Mara la Coronada Church:

This 18th century Baroque parish church was built on the foundations of its old hermitage. Here you can contemplate different images both on the main altar and in their respective chapels, among which the Santa Mara la Coronada itself or the Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death), the work of the San Roque artist Luis Ortega Br, stand out. Also of note inside the church is the Sagrario Chapel and its ecclesiastical archives.

- Domingo de Mena Poet's Viewpoint

An ideal place to enjoy magnificent views of the Rock of Gibraltar, the Bay of Algeciras and North Africa.

- Bullring

With a capacity of 3500 people, it was inaugurated in 1853 and its design was inspired by the famous Plaza de la Real Maestranza de Ronda, although it has unique architectural details such as the absence of an alley, apparently the result of a mathematical calculation error in its construction. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique bullrings in the whole of Andalusia, whose first bullfight was held in August 1853.

- New Chapel of San Roque

Built in 1801 and of neoclassical style, it houses the image of San Roque, whose pilgrimage is celebrated at the end of April. During the War of Independence, Napoleon's troops sacked the hermitage and destroyed the image of the saint. However, the San Roque captain Juan Rojas promised to make the effigy if he and his family were spared the cholera epidemic that struck Seville, where he was stationed. That promise was kept and the new image of the saint was replaced in 1833.

- Alameda Alfonso XI

Named in honour of this Castilian king who fell victim to the plague while fighting against the Arabs to recover the Rock. It is the meeting place and social life of the city where you can also find the theatre of the well-known San Roque actor, Juan Luis Galiardo, which has a capacity for almost 700 people.
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